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The subjects were 1126 women, aged 18-45 years, initially selected at random from women of reproductive age from different geographic regions of Iran. Serum levels of hormones were measured, and complete data were available for 923 women following the implementation of exclusion criteria. The reference group comprised 423 eumenorrhoeic non-hirsute women selected from the total population. Normative cut-off levels were computed using k-means cluster analysis (k=3). Analyses were also conducted based on age and body mass index (BMI) groups for the 923 subjects. testosterone.

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The ADTG:DHEAS ratio was significantly elevated in obese PCOS compared to non-obese PCOS and controls suggesting that this may be a novel biomarker discriminatory for obese PCOS subjects, perhaps being driven by higher hepatic 5α reductase activity increasing ADTG formation in these women. testosterone.

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Serum testosterone was significantly lower in group IV than in groups I and II. Moreover, posttreatment values in group IV were significantly lower than pretreatment values. A significant decline in sperm motility and morphology was detected in groups III and IV compared to groups I and II. Sperm count was significantly lower in group IV compared to the other groups. Johnsen score was significantly lower in groups III and IV compared to groups I and II and in group IV compared to group III. In addition, histopathological and ultrastructural degenerative changes in rat testes were detected; these changes were dose dependent and increased with increasing the dose of tadalafil. testosterone.

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Intervention group received oral testosterone undecanoate and a high calorie supplement (2108-2416 kJ/day) whereas the control group received placebo testosterone and low calorie supplement (142-191 kJ/day). testosterone.

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Healthy men ages 20-50, with normal serum testosterone levels. testosterone.

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